Keyword Domain Name


A keyword domain name is a domain name containing relevant keywords about your business, products or services, etc. For example, is a keyword domain name containing the keywords – “attorney” and “lawyer”.

Keyword Domain Names are powerful SEO assets that every company involved in digital marketing should have. And here’s why. They increase click-through rates and help drive targeted traffic to your website.

People are more inclined to click on a business using a keyword domain name than a non-KDN when searching online because of the perception that the site is a specialist or an authority.

Using a KDN for your domain is a good way of driving targeted traffic to your website.


How To Use A Keyword Domain Name

1. You can use KDN as your business primary domain name and build a website on it
2. You can use KDN as your brand secondary domain name that redirects all incoming traffic to your primary domain name.


Tips on choosing and using a Keyword Domain Name

Use Relevant and Popular Keywords

It is important that you use relevant and popular search keywords used by your potential customers. Reason for this is quite simple. Potential customers searching for your service are more likely to click on domain names that have an exact or close match with their search queries.


Keywords Should have a Logical Ordering

They should be in the right order and not randomly joined together. For example, “” has a nice ring to the name and sound more professional than “”.


Keep It Short n Simple (KISS)

Always keep it short and simple. Including too many keywords in your domain name won’t help you increase your click-through rates but do the total opposite. And you want to know why? Because it sounds or looks too spammy.

Always keep it short and simple. Something memorable that your target audience would never forget.
The rule of thumb is to go for two or three words domain name(max).


Stay Away from Hyphens

Keyword Domain Names with hyphens are often associated with spam website and should be avoided as much as possible. If the domain name you’re interested in is unavailable. We recommend you find another domain name, rather than using hyphens.

If you find it hard coming up with a unique KDN, we can help you out. Just send us a message here.  

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